While Seiler began in 1945 as a fine optics company, founder Eric H. Seiler’s passion for discovery quickly opened doors into other industries.

The precision manufacturing division was created in 1949 to keep up with high demand for the company’s quality products. Today, we’re proud to continue that legacy of innovation. Operating out of a 148,000 square foot facility in St. Louis, we offer full-service contract manufacturing to clients across the country, and we never lose sight of our founder’s original vision to pursue new solutions.


Our company’s history is defined by a dedication to excellence across generations. Everything can be traced back to our beginning in the early 1900s when our founder, Eric H. Seiler began pursuing his interest in fine optics.



Eric H. Seiler begins his studies at the Zeiss School of Fine Optics in Jena, Germany.

After receiving his master’s degree, Seiler and his wife Dora move to the United States and start the Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Company.

After several years repairing and refurbishing existing equipment, Eric H. Seiler develops his own set of survey instruments for distribution.

Seiler is now manufacturing and distributing over 100 products which prompts the creation of the Manufacturing and Survey Divisions.

Eric. H Seiler partners with Carl Zeiss to distribute Zeiss’ line of microscopes in North America. Several years later, the successful partnership comes to an end, and Eric H. Seiler develops his own cutting-edge microscope line which leads to partnerships in Germany, South America and Asia.

The Planetarium Division is created when Seiler’s renews their partnership with Zeiss and distributes Zeiss Planetaria equipment throughout the United States and Canada.

Seiler acquires McMillan Night Vision and begins manufacturing and distributing day/night vision rifle scopes to the military, law enforcement and hunters.

Chairman of the Board, Eric P. Seiler and his children President Rick Seiler, Executive Vice President Tom Seiler, and Compliance Director Louise Schaper continue their family legacy of innovation and quality across six divisions: Precision Manufacturing, Geospatial, GeoDrones, Medical, Planetarium and Design Solutions.

     other divisions

other divisions


As one of the largest Authorized Trimble Distributors in the Midwest, we outfit our clients with high-quality products that improve safety and efficiency.

Design Solutions

Our Autodesk software solutions are powered by a focus on personalized customer service that gives our partners the support they need to exceed goals.


With collaboration from our Geospatial and Design Solutions divisions, Seiler GeoDrones brings efficiency and enhanced safety to our clients with world-class Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).


The Seiler story began in 1913 when our founder, Eric H. Seiler, enrolled at the Zeiss School of Fine Optics. Today, we provide cutting-edge optics to help medical professionals pioneer breakthrough solutions — and help patients see brighter futures.


Seiler sells, repairs and services custom ZEISS projection systems designed to grow alongside your passion for exploring the stars. Expand your horizons with state-of-the-art optics, accessories and expert advice.