Quality Testing

Quality is ingrained in Seiler’s culture.

Quality control is the responsibility of every employee here and it’s actively promoted and maintained in an internal culture that respects and rewards the loyalty and dedication of our team members. Seiler maintains the capability to develop or implement custom quality and verification tests for all assemblies or machined components that we produce.

Seiler is able to design and implement unique testing systems and quality checks for all assemblies and components as required. We are able to create custom inspection fixtures for assemblies as needed, and are able to deliver prototype and first article unit test packages in either AS9100 or ISO format. Seiler also hosts as full time DCMA quality assurance representative and can be delegated U.S. Government first article inspections.

Custom Testing Capabilities
  • Inspection Capabilities with Five CMMs
  • Special Testing with Five Thermal Chambers, two shock machines, and two vibration machines
  • BAE Certified Special Processing and Prime / Paint
  • AS9100D Quality System Certification
  • 3D Scanning of Cast and Machined Components
  • Part Modeling
  • Environmental & Shock Testing
  • Electronic Component Testing
  • Oil and Fluid Quality Testing and Pressure Testing for Engine or Hydraulic Components
  • Optical Component and Optical Assembly Performance Testing


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