Precision Machining

Let Seiler help you with your complex machining challenges

Seiler Precision Manufacturing originally developed a mastery of machining extremely complex components in order to support our assemblies as a producer of fine instrumentation. Seiler now offers our machining capability as a stand-alone contract manufacturing service, producing some of the most complex machined components that the defense, aerospace, and medical industries have to offer. Seiler specializes in the machining of milled, turned, or precision cast components. Seiler is able to source materials or castings for a customer requirement, or machine customer-furnished material, and we also offer supplementary assembly of machined components such as hardware installation or special processing and metal finishing.

CNC Milling

Seiler Precision Manufacturing utilizes a combination of multi-axis machining centers to deliver excellent value to our customers. Our multi-operation single-setup processes allow us to machine the most complex components for our customers in an efficient and productive manner. From milled hog-outs or billet material to machined precision castings, Seiler is able to take on your most complex machined component.

  • Continually upgrading equipment with a variety of vertical and horizontal machines.
  • State of the art tooling solutions.
  • 4th and 5th axis programming.
  • Capable of holding tolerances of 0.0002” multiple features. We specialize in difficult and challenging geometries.
  • Up to 50” x 18” x 20” machining envelope.


CNC Turning

Seiler Precision employs a variety of turning centers, from manufacturers such as Okuma, Citizen, and Mori Seiki, to offer precise and efficient machining solutions to our customers. Seiler utilizes multi-spindle capabilities to reduce operations and improve efficiency. Seiler is able to order and maintain barstock in-house to serve customer requirements, and we cut our own billets in order to pass this savings on to our customer.

  • Dual turret and dual spindle capabilities to reduce operations.
  • 1/8“ to 12” turning diameter, with chuck diameter up to 15”.
  • Capable of holding tolerances of 0.0002” on multiple features.
  • Multi-axis programming.


Machined Castings

Seiler Precision is an industry leader in the machining of complex castings with unique and unusual geometries. When machining castings, figuring out a custom fixturing solution to hold the part without applying stress is a challenge that Seiler has mastered through years of experience. Seiler is able to machine customer furnished castings, or source castings through our maintained supplier database of foundries specializing in all material types. Seiler also utilizes a variety of specialty inspection tools and processes tailored for the machining of precision castings, such as our laser scanning arm used to verify casting dimensions against a computer model.

  • Custom fixturing and tooling solutions for precision castings.
  • Laser scanning inspection equipment to ensure castings will yield good parts
  • Experts in modeling of cast components and castings.
  • Capable of holding tolerances of 0.0002” on multiple features.



Seiler machines parts from the following materials:

  • Alloys steels
  • Stainless steels
  • All grades of Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Various other specialty metals such as Niobium


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