Full service contract manufacturing of assemblies for the defense, aerospace, and medical industries

From basic hardware installation to complicated precision assemblies with hundreds of parts, Seiler is able to furnish complete and fully tested products or components to our customers. Seiler’s assembly department fully utilizes the lean manufacturing process by using lean cells throughout our assembly department, which enables us to achieve optimal production efficiency and quality.

Seiler Precision Manufacturing maintains many critical assembly support services in-house. Our dust-free clean room is used for assemblies that can be sensitive to environmental contamination. In addition to high-precision assembly work, we perform material processing and cleaning in-house, as well as painting, including U.S. Government CARC paint. Seiler also maintains a close relationship with hundreds of sub-vendors, allowing us to source assembly sub-components that we do not manufacture in-house.

Actuating Assemblies

Seiler has a history of providing different mounts and actuating assemblies for many different weapons platforms and vehicles. Seiler has manufactured actuator assemblies for the M1A2 Abrams tank and the M109SP self-propelled howitzer.


Gear Housings and Assemblies

Seiler has a long history of providing gear assemblies as a service, both in vehicle applications and in other actuating mechanisms. Seiler has manufactured the gearbox assembly for the M1A1 and M1A2 tanks, gear housings for the M88 recovery vehicle, and gear assemblies for the M777 and M109 howitzer platforms, as well as many other weapons and vehicle platforms.


Electro-mechanical Assemblies

We maintain an expertise in electrical assemblies, such as the assembly and incorporation of digital encoders or electrical motors. Seiler has a close partnership with several key electronic manufacturers and we are able to source the electronic components for your assembly or utilize customer-furnished material.


Hydraulic and Pump Assemblies

Seiler has experience manufacturing military-grade hydraulic and pump assemblies, such as the one used as a backup device to actuate the turret in the M1A2 Abrams tank. We are capable of performing fluid quality tests for our assemblies in-house.


Optical Systems and Vision Systems Assemblies

With our roots in optical assembly, Seiler maintains this expertise and continues to manufacture optical assemblies and components for many different vehicle systems and weapons platforms. Seiler has experience with standard day optical assemblies, night vision assemblies, and thermal imaging assemblies.


Weapons Systems or Weapons Subcomponents

Seiler maintains a Class 7 federal firearms license, allowing us to manufacture controlled weapons components. Seiler has experience manufacturing and assembling components for the M242 Bushmaster, M4 platform, M240 platform, and the 60mm and 120mm mortar weapons systems platforms.


Military Enclosure Assemblies

We have experience producing painted fabricated enclosure assemblies to military standards. We are able to supply these items as standalone enclosures or complete your box build project as required.


In-House Painting, Including to Military CARC Requirements

Seiler maintains a state-of-the-art processing and painting facility and is able to paint to any customer requirement in-house, including U.S. Government CARC paint. Seiler also maintains painting certifications required by many large Tier 1 U.S. Government suppliers.


Environmental and Performance Testing of Products

  • We are able to perform testing to standard customer MIL-SPEC requirements: Environmental, shock and vibration testing.
  • We are also capable of performing custom product testing solutions for your assembly, which include exposure, use, or functionality tests.


Structural, Support, and Housing Assemblies

Seiler has experience in manufacturing all manners of miscellaneous structural, support, and housing assemblies for many different weapons and vehicle platforms.