M115 Boresight

M115 Boresight: Details
NSN: 1240-01-058-7460
P/N: 11748094

General Description

The M115 Boresight is used to calibrate and match a specific mortar sight unit (M64/M67) and mortar/cannon system together. The body of the boresight contains 3 level vials used to determine that the angle of elevation and the “V-slides” are perpendicular. The boresight has three plungers that keep it secure in place when mounted in the muzzle of the barrel at a preset elevation.

The M115 Boresight is used with the M224 (60mm) Mortar.

Additional Information

Weight: 5 oz.
Field of View: 17°
Magnification: 1.5 power

Key Components

The M115 Boresight consists of the body, (2) lens assemblies, and (2) leveling bubbles (one for cross-leveling and one for elevation).

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