M138 Elbow Telescope

NSN: 1240-01-515-8264
P/N: 13005104

General Description
The M138A1 Elbow Telescope is an 8-power, 8-degree field of-view instrument. An elevation reticle is provided for direct fire and a cursor reticle provides for range settings on the mil scale reticle. Both reticles found on the M138A1 are self-illuminated by battery-powered LEDs.

The M138A1 Elbow Telescope is used on the M777 and M198 Howitzer.

Additional Information

Elevation 60 mils
Field of view
Diopter adjustment ±4 diopters
Power 8x
Weight 9 lbs
Quantity/Cell Size 1 each/size “C”
Voltage 3 volts (each)

Previous Models

M138 Elbow Telescope 11741626 1240-01-038-0530

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