M1A1 Gunner’s Quadrant

NSN: 1290-00-891-9999
P/N: 7197156

General Description:

The M1A1 Gunner’s Quadrant is a portable precision leveling instrument used for laying artillery weapons in elevation, measuring their angles of elevation, and checking the elevation mechanisms of fire control equipment.

The Gunner’s Quadrant is used with various rifles, guns, gun carriages, self-propelled guns, howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft gun mounts, cannons, tracked armored landing vehicles, and multiple rocket launchers.

Additional Information

Weight: 1-4/5 lb
Height: 6 in.
Width: 1-1/16 in.
Length: 6-7/8 in.
Limits of Operation
Elevation: 1600 mils
Depressions: 0 mils

Key Components

M1A1 Gunner’s Quadrant 8228867 1290-00-910-3678
Case, Carrying, M82 7692958 1290-00-769-2958


* Replaced by the M1A3 Gunner’s Quadrant
* Calibration for the Gunner’s Quadrant is available. Contact us for more information.