M2A2 Aiming Circle

NSN: 6675-01-067-0687
P/N: 11785090

General Description

The M2A2 Aiming Circle is the primary means of orienting the cannon battery or laying weapons on the azimuth of fire. In addition, the aiming circle is used to measure the azimuth and elevation angles of a ground or aerial target with respect to a preselected baseline as required for the orientation of indirect fire weapons. The M2A2 Aiming Circle can also be used for general topographical surveying.

Additional Information

Weight, Aiming Circle w/cover: 9 lbs
Weight, Aiming Circle w/equipment: 21 lbs
Azimuth rotation: 6400 mils
Elevation (maximum): 1100 mils
Depression (maximum): 400 mils
Telescope power: 4 power
Field of view: 10°


Key Components

The Key Components for the M2A2 Aiming Circle includes the Aiming Circle Cover, M24 Tripod, and the accessory kit which includes the M51 Instrument Light, Backplate, Cloth Cover, Plumb Bob, and a Lamp Holder and Remover. This equipment is mounted on the M24 Tripod.

M2A2 Aiming Circle (transit) 11834483 1290-01-510-0540
Cover, Aiming Circle 8211749 1290-00-346-8171
Tripod, M24 8242777 1290-00-346-8184
Instrument Light, M51 8293478 1290-00-346-8186