M36ASV Gunner’s Sight

Seiler has developed and produces the M36ASV Gunner’s Sight, an upgraded and improved, next generation M36 sight for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. Over 4000 systems have already been delivered for use on the M1117 Armored Security Vehicle.The M36ASV retains the battle proven rugged and dependable robust service of the M36 family while adding improvements and changes to several key areas, making it even more user friendly with the added benefit of providing ergonomic and performance advantages. The outstanding characteristics that have contributed to the M36’s longevity such as modularity, ease of use and drop-in dependability remain part of this new lineage.

Some of the key features incorporated in the M36ASV include:

  • Replacement of the fatiguing Night Eyepiece Assembly with a high performance Biocular Assembly. The Biocular was ergonomically and optically designed to lessen user fatigue level for improved gunner’s performance and accuracy.
  • Redesigned Linkage Arm Assembly providing improved boresight and zeroing retention.
  • Redesigned power supply, replacing older unavailable electrical components with modern up-to-date electronic modules greatly improving system reliability.
  • The ON/Off switch assembly is now configured with an improved lockout switch preventing the previously common activation of the image intensifier tube in bright light conditions that resulted in severe damage to the image intensifier.
  • Upgraded optical coatings provide peak performance of both Gen II and Gen III image intensifier tubes.
  • Added mechanical stabilizer assembly preventing undue vibration of both day and night images.
  • Added chemical finishes for superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments.
  • New Day Eye-shield incorporates a more user-friendly ergonomic design.