M49 Spotting Scope W/E (M49 Observation Telescope)

NSN: 6650-00-530-0960
P/N: 6785630

General Description

The M49 Spotting Scope, also known as the M49 Observation Telescope, is a multipurpose scope system used primarily for long range marksmanship observation. It can also be used for observing the effects of artillery fires and other general purposes.

The M49 is a fixed 20-power telescope with an eyepiece focus. It has a field of view of 2 degrees and an exit pupil diameter of 0.108 inches. The M49 is an erect image instrument that is magnified by the lenses in the eyepiece.

The M49 does not have an adjustable sunshade; however, the front end of the body tube extends approximately three-quarters of an inch beyond the objective providing a permanent sunshade.

The telescope is focused by turning the knurled focusing sleeve.

Additional Information

Length 14 ½ in
Power 20x
Field of view 2 degrees 12 minutes

Key Components

The M49 Spotting Scope is available with a carrying case for the telescope, and a separate carrying case for the M15 Tripod.

M49 Observation Telescope 7578445
M164 Carrying Case (scope) 8270828 6650-00-871-2970
M15 Tripod 6543811 1240-00-654-3811
M42A1 Carrying Case (tripod) 8244518 6650-00-310-2534