M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant

M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant: Details

NSN:  1290-00-759-7761
P/N: 7597761

General Description

The M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant is a manually-operated instrument used for laying howitzers and cannons in elevation for indirect fire. The quadrant is mounted so that any movement of the howitzer in elevation is imparted to the quadrant. The M4A1 has a built-in, battery-powered illuminating system which provides illumination of the instrument for night and low-light operations.

The M4A1 Range Fire Control Quadrant is used with Cannon, 105mm Howitzer: M2A2 and Cannon, 75mm Gun: Automatic, M35 and T83E6.

Additional Information

Length: 10″
Width: 10″
Height: 14 3/4″
Weight: 32 lbs





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