M59 Aiming Post Light

M59 Aiming Post Light: Details

NSN: 1290-00-169-1935
P/N: 11730976

General Description

The M59 Aiming Post Light is illuminated by orange tritium (3H) gas. The M59, used in tandem with the M58 Aiming Post Light, aids in identifying the location of the near/far aiming post during night and low light operations. Using proper procedures, the operator will align the mortar sight unit on the aiming post (light) to orient the weapon on the azimuth of fire.

This product does not require batteries or other power sources to illuminate the device.

The M58 and M59 are typically used for mortar-related operations.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 5 ½” x 2” x 2”
Weight: .5 lbs

Each light has a clamp, tightened with a wing nut, for attachment to the aiming post.

The M59 Aiming Post Light is constructed in accordance with the necessary MIL-SPEC.

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*The M58 and M59 Aiming Post Lights are typically ordered as an Aiming Post Light Kit which consists of (2) – M58 (green) and (1) – M59 (orange).