M90A3 Straight Telescope

NSN: 1240-01-480-0292
P/N: 12984673


General Description

The M90A3 Telescope is a lightweight, hermetically sealed, 3-power, fixed-focus optical instrument equipped with a ballistic-type reticle. The telescope can be quickly inserted and removed from the M186 Telescope Mount, which is mounted on the left side of the M119A2 Howitzer. A battery/LED lighting kit provides reticle illumination for night and low-light operations. It is comprised of a main casting with assembled machine parts.

The M90A3 Straight Telescope is used on the M119 Howitzer.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lb
Length 6 ¼ in
Width 2 ¾ in
Magnification 3x
Field of view 10°
Deflection 30-0-30

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