Repair & Refurbishment

As a part of our commitment to excellence, we extend the life of existing equipment with a like-new promise — giving our clients lasting value.

Seiler Precision Manufacturing maintains a broad capability to support any product or assembly that we have manufactured in the past. Whether it is a comprehensive remanufacture, complete overhaul of the assembly or a more targeted refurbishment or repair, we can extend and renew the life of your existing equipment.

During our refurbishment process, units will be cleaned, evaluated, and repaired as necessary. The equipment is then reassembled, painted, tested, and inspected to ensure that it has been restored to full functionality, meets its required performance standards, and is then certified to like-new condition.

In addition to offering repair and service capabilities for all contract manufactured items, Seiler maintains an expertise in the repair and refurbishment of artillery sighting system – click here to see our product offering.