M12A7 Series Panoramic Telescope

Part Number NSN
M12A7C 7687260 1240-00-768-7260
M12A7D 7687261 1240-00-768-7261
M12A7K 8228975 1240-00-344-4632
M12A7Q 8213035 1240-00-917-6428
M12A7S 8213037 1240-00-917-6433

General Description

The M12A7 Series Panoramic Telescopes are typically used for laying the weapon in azimuth for indirect fire. However, should an emergency arise, the panoramic telescope can be put into service for direct fire operation. The M12A7 raises the line of sight and maintains an upright image regardless of whether the line of sight is directed forward, to the side, or to the rear of the observer. The rotating head of the instrument and subsequently the line of sight may be rotated 6,400 mils in the horizontal plane.

The M12A7 Series Panoramic Telescopes are used in conjunction with numerous field artillery pieces and various armored vehicles.

Additional Information

Height 9 ¾ in
Weight 5 ½ lbs
Magnification 4x
Field of view 10°
Azimuth range 6,400 mils
Elevation range 600 mils