M140A1 Alignment Device

NSN: 4931-01-472-6622
P/N: 11741648-4

General Description
The M140A1 Alignment Device, used in conjunction with the M137A2 Panoramic Telescope or M117 Panoramic Telescope, verifies the boresight of the M119 and M109 (Sp) howitzers. Boresighting is the means to ensure the optical fire control is properly aligned with the axis of the cannon tube. When following the specified steps, the panoramic telescope (either M137 A2 or M117) and M140A1 Alignment Device will confirm boresight of the weapon. The reticle on the M140A1 is illuminated with a battery powered LED. This LED powered version was designed as part of the ERLS program.

The M140A1 is used with the M119 Howitzer, 105mm; M109 (SP) Howitzer, 155mm; M102 Light, Towed Howitzer, 155mm; M110 (SP) 8-inch Howitzer.

Additional Information

Length 11.8 in
Width 5.38 in
Weight 2.11 lbs

Previous Models

In addition, Seiler offers a Tritium version of this alignment device.

M140 Alignment Device 11741648-2 4931-00-341-5119