M171A1 Telescope Mount

M171A1 Telescope Mount: Details
NSN: 1240-01-515-8265
P/N: 13005103

General Description

The M171A1 Telescope Mount holds and supports the M137 Panoramic Telescope and the M17A1 Fire Control Quadrant. The mount provides an adjustable base for leveling the panoramic telescope and a vertical support for the telescope to provide true measurement of weapon azimuth. The M171A1 Telescope Mount is attached to the left trunnion.

The M171A1 Telescope Mount is used on the M777 and M198 Howitzer.

Additional Information

Height: 24 1/8 in
Width: 11 3/8 in
Length: 12 1/4 in
Weight: 75 lbs

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